Bare Bones EP

by Impossible Colors

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The first EP from the 4 piece band out of Nyack, NY.
5 powerful songs swaying between energetic, hard hitting anthems, and beautiful melodies. Meeting somewhere in the middle to create a unique brand of ROCK.


released February 2, 2015

Recorded and mixed at The Barrel House Recording Studio in Nyack, NY (
Produced by Impossible Colors
Mastered by Bill Henderson at Azimuth Mastering



all rights reserved


Impossible Colors Nyack, New York

4 piece band from Nyack, Ny. Drinkin' coffee, makin' chocolate, and playin' music.

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Track Name: Like Blades
It Seems we have it all

'til we let it fall through frightened fingers

but we're not destitute

and what would you gain

if you shouted or sang you only whisper

are you starved for the truth

Cause this age

is gonna end with a bang and not a whimper

we just gotta light the fuse

but I see through their tricks

and their quiet politics the smoke and the mirrors

Cause they want us numb and contained

Numbered not named

So will you roll the dice or will you lay down and die

Will you roll your eyes or will you aim for the sky

cause we're not stopping

we/re not stopping here

So what's that crashing crashing sound?

Empire Empire empire Down

A naked king a plastic crown

Empire Empire Empire Down

They want us numb and contained

numbered not named

but i'd be tied to the stakes

if it woke up the saints

a word can free you from your chains

so will you just lift up your voices like blades
Track Name: Bare Bones
Let Down

In beds that others made

I've found

what is sacred is never safe

Get Out

or look the other way

Soft ground

where we live and choose to stay

Cynics fill the sound

laughing in their grave

they got room to talk

they got time to waste

i can't settle now

what's mine i gotta taste

they got room to talk

but i got wolves to chase

I know

I am smooth against the grain

Bare Bones

exposed but not afraid

Sticks stones

but you'll never take my name


starved with no restraints

What will you take to tide you over

A thirst no water can quench or cover

but i need feeling and i need color

You're anesthesia you're crooked comfort

This subtle boil will pull us under

We're not sleeping we're food for supper

Your indecision won't get out
Track Name: Winding Roads
Daylight, Finite

Lead me like head lights

Blackened, My eyes

Questions on my mind

Answer, Silence

Or leave me with my sins

Shutters, Eyelids

Searching for Distance

But I am awake for the first time

flat line progress

goose bumps and cold sweat

reminders and regrets

I'll come back I promise

Although you feel alone

I am wherever you go

on Those winding roads

lost in thoughts and streets

an empty passenger seat

So don't fall asleep

So North Star shine bright

don't bleed out from moon light

a fraction a far cry

a glimmer of daylight
Track Name: Never Leave (ghost song)
Like a ghost I have no voice

and if i spoke you'd only hear noise

but this curse was my choice

my choice

So I will tuck you in at night

and I will sing you lullabies

A broken Melody

That will lull you back to sleep

Cause you're the one that's haunting me

wasted light on empty breathe

caught in webs of your selfishness

I'll forgive but I won't forget

there's nothing left

So I will tuck you in at night

and I will sing you lullabies

A broken Melody

That will lull you back to sleep

Cause you're the one that's haunting me

So here's a secret you should know

We all turn into ghost

We all turn into ghost

And like a fragrant memory

That chokes you when you breathe

some things just never leave

Cause you're the one that's haunting me
Track Name: Over & Out
Shake off the cold

the brittle things you hold

that splinter and control

and dig into your soul

Something is stirring from under your feet

From the grief that you hide, the secrets you keep

You’re walking in circles where will you be

a heart that’s infected will fester in time

how can you move forward you always rewind

sever the sinew, sever these ties

there is nothing left find

leave your yesterday behind

face your demons, or take on their faces

there is nothing left to find

leave your yesterday behind

leave your yesterday

will you leave the fold

this bitter place you know

what left is not your home

let the dead bury their own

Nothing then, Nothing now

You’re over and out

Nothing left, Nothing Found

You’re over and out